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What is a Design Tender?

A Design Tender is a call for price quotations from thousands of designers, studios and offices. Unlike a design quotation, which you would collect from dozens of companies, design tenders will be collected among thousands of designers, regardless of their cost structure; this means we will send your request to not only to design companies that would match your budget but also those who would not be able to match it; as in some cases, they might make discounts. Design tender, also gives you an opportunity to collect design proposals and suggestions, which is different from design quotations. Only very serious requests will be processed as this is a tedious task that involves collecting offers and proposals from hundreds of designers and putting them in a unified format. Like the design quotation service, you will receive a detailed report by bidding companies, their ratings, their pros and cons, costs and timeframes, and occassional remarks regarding the bidding designers and their original specialization.

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Your restrictions can be budget, time, scope, confidentiality, and the choice of designers. Your goals are what you ultimately want to achieve upon the end of the task. The information you enter above will be communicated to the relevant network members.


Tips: If you are not sure about your needs; you will need consulting service which our network also offer.

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The information above matters because none of our designers neither us would quote for anonymous clients.Your information will not be communicated to the network members, but we will assign a rating score for your company.

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Your real budget matters for us to suggest you a reasonable solution as this will help us to match you with the right providers. We will never tell your budget to network members and we do not care your budget either, we need to know to redirect you to the right people who can get the task done at the prices you require.

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This is a place to get dozens or hundreds of price quotations for design

Get dozens of design service price quotations or post a design tender notice to reach hundreds of bidders.

This website is very handy for anyone who need to procure design services and looking for the best quotes and options.



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